Chapel Hill Schools

Chapel Hill/Carrboro School District − Ranks at or near the top of the school systems in the state on measures of student achievement. There are 11 elementary schools, 4 middle schools and 3 high schools, plus the UNC Hospital School. The school district has the highest SAT scores in the state.

Chatham County Schools
(North Chatham/Pittsboro Area)
1 elementary school (K-4) and 1 middle school (5-8) are located in Pittsboro. 2 elementary schools (K-5) and 1 middle school (6-8) are located in North Chatham County. 2 high school is located between North Chatham and Pittsboro.

Durham City/County Schools
31 elementary schools, 9 middle schools, 2 secondary schools (grades 6-12), and 10 high schools, plus the Duke University Hospital School.

Orange County Schools
7 elementary schools, 3 middle schools (6-8th grade), and 2 high schools.