Agency Relationships

In each and every transaction, the agents at Tony Hall & Associates have a goal with their clients and customers. That goal is to create a win/win situation with each buyer and seller. By carefully informing both buyer and seller of agency relationships in each and every transaction, we insure that all parties are treated fairly and that our good reputation remains untainted.

Customary Sub-Agency

Under sub-agency, agents working with a buyer have an agency relationship with the seller. The listing agency or company is an agent to the seller. All agents in the transaction are obligated to treat both buyer and seller fairly and honestly, and by law have to disclose all material facts. This scenario has worked very well in real estate transactions over the years.

Buyer Agency

Buyers may opt to work with a Tony Hall & Associates agent in a buyer agency relationship. In this scenario, the buyer/client receives the agent's advice in the buying decision. Buyer agents can advise the buyer/client on negotiation strategies to assist them in making a real estate purchase.

Dual Agency

Both parties (seller and buyer) are clients of Tony Hall & Associates. Tony Hall & Associates can assist both buyer and seller at the same time in an agency capacity. If a potential buyer has an agency relationship with a Tony Hall & Associates agent, and they see a Tony Hall & Associates listing, dual agency exists. Both seller and buyer agree in advance to a dual agency arrangement.