Carrboro is the town just west of Chapel Hill. With a population of just under 20,000 Carrboro is the kind of small southern town where the past and the present seem to have been fused into a single moment until it’s no longer one time or the other. Many of the buildings on Main Street and Weaver Street, the two main drags, haven’t changed in half a century—and yet Carrboro is wireless. The heart of the town is a contemporary version of the old country store, but it’s a co-op now and the food is mostly organic. Town of Carrboro

In 1882, the town to the east—that would be Chapel Hill—determined that it needed a train station to accommodate folks traveling there. They picked a deserted area a mile away from campus—a mile away so no one on the Hill would be disturbed by the unseemly sound of a train passing through. For many years, they called the town Venable. Then, in 1898, a man named Tom Lloyd built a cotton mill, and slowly Venable began to resemble a real town. In 1913, it became the largest hardwood cross-tie market in the world, and the next year it’s named was changed to Carrboro, after Julian Carr bought Lloyd’s mill and donated electricity and actual streets to the town. Fun Facts About Fun Facts About Chapel Hill and Carrboro

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